Air Quality Monitoring Solution

Our smart air quality monitoring system uses stationary or mobile IoT-enabled sensors to map and monitor the air quality in small and large geographical areas.

Real-time air quality data for improved health, safety and compliance.

Personalized Mobile App

iOS and android supported mobile app facilitating interoperable connections with remote assets.

Infinitely Customizable Solution

The modular white-box solution can be customized as per your personalized needs.

Gradual Capacity Build-up

Scalable to other solutions and use cases on the same platform.

Easy and Quick Integration

Solution can be implemented within a week, after hardware reaches the required destination.

Air pollution is a fatal health risk, yet air pollution levels in many cities exceed the World Health Organisation (WHO) limits. Smarter Technologies’ smart air quality monitoring solution is able to detect carbon dioxide levels, noxious gases and pollutants, sending real-time data to a central management dashboard. It provides enhanced visibility, improved situational awareness and earlier indications of pollution hotspots.

System automation capabilities

View & manage tickets

  • Real-time air quality index (AQI) with severity
  • Live telemetry data of gases
  • Alerts on reaching threshold value of different gases
  • Real-time value of temperature and humidity and selected gases like CO, CO2, CH4, SO2, VOCs, NH3, LPG, H2 etc
  • Device management dashboard, hibernation mode, reboot, connect/disconnect
  • Live dashboard, map and KPIs for decision making
  • Indoor/ Outdoor quality monitoring

Benefits of using IoT for Air Quality Monitoring

With an average person spending around 90% of their time indoors, the effects of poor indoor air quality are more injurious compared to outdoor air pollution. That’s why it is important to monitor and control gas emissions from these industrial units. Our IoT-based Smart Air Quality Monitoring Solution with automation capabilities allows you to assess toxic and flammable gas proportions along with the concentration of air pollutants round the clock. Below are some of the features and benefits our solutions brings on the table.

precise data analysis

Real-time monitoring of gases with analytics on a dashboard


Map-view interface to easily locate devices

Smoke alert functionality

Smoke detection and alerts to ensure fire safety

Compliance checks

Store air monitoring data for compliance checks

Remote monitoring

Monitor multiple facilities using a single interactive app

multiple sensor integration

Analyze information collected from multiple sensors

Additional system features

IoT-enabled smart air quality monitoring solution helps in measuring weather parameters,

the concentration of air pollutants and particulate matters round the clock.

The solution can be customized to track the presence of a single gas. By using additional sensors; toxic, combustible, corrosive, any other type of gas (including asphyxiants) can be identified in a certain facility.
Flexible to Detect Specific Gas
Historical data can be arranged in a tabular format and displayed in the form of a report. The data can be downloaded with a simple click in multiple formats and analyzed to boost the efficiency.
Customized & Interactive Reports
The end to end monitoring solution, comprises of smart sensors and meters that help in monitoring of air quality. These devices can also transmit data to a gateway within a reach of 1,200 ft through 12 walls ideal for wideband applications.
Reliable hardware stack
Infused with smart data analyzing features, the tabulated data can be processed to create chart and graphs. This simplifies analysis of raw data, enables insight identification at a glance, supports trends and pattern recognition.
Graphical Representations
Configured with real-time alert system, the dashboard alarms about diminishing air quality index based on pre-defined thresholds and range. Alerts can be received in the form of push notifications, SMS, emails, and in-app messages from anyplace in the world.
Multi-channel alerts
Our IoT platform acts as a control center to monitor and manage all the information shared by sensor-gateway configuration. It’s a series of interactive dashboards that quickens data visualization.
Centralized Dashboard
Support for your meters and reading systems

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