improve profitability & efficient resource utilization.

wireless precision irrigation automation system.

The future of irrigation is now

We have developed an IoT wireless irrigation solution, which addresses the issues of mobility and affordability for customers. We use the latest ultra long range radio communication to eliminate all expensive in-field wiring. Our solar powered watering stations are environmentally friendly and maintenance free.


Agricultural productivity with intelligent layer by layer insights

A recent study found that, on an average, 33% of the global population suffers from water scarcity. Meanwhile the agricultural sector stands for 70% of the global freshwater consumption – this is where most of the water waste occurs and the greatest savings are to be found. Shamba Cube® is dedicated to supporting crop farmers and help them remove the risk and guesswork from irrigation and nutrient decisions. Continuous insights connect the grower with the crop plant, providing actionable information leading to better yields, proactive water conservation and informed soil management, all core components of regenerative agriculture. Our Shamba Cube® IoT agriculture platform listens to plants and interprets their needs as they grow.

Pay as you grow

From Alckatron's Shamba Cube agro platform

The Shamba Cube Pay as You Grow system uses proven Alckatron soil moisture sensors paired with an all new mobile app that lets Growers monitor their crops from wherever they are, providing advanced data analytics that are comprehensive but easy to read. Want to see how Shamba Cube can work for any crop, contact us and book an appointment to set up a live demo.


 Your Farm's Profitability

Take the risk out of irrigation decisions so you can make more informed decisions that conserve inputs and optimize yields.

  • Crop specific.
  • Soil agnostic.
  • See the crop absorbing moisture layer by layer.
  • Demonstrated correlation between YES! score and yield.
  • Multiple university and field studies.


Take the guesswork out of managing your crops.

Shamba Cube has a yield efficiency Score scoring system that provides meaningful feedback to the grower about the effectiveness of their process control. Studies have demonstrated that the better the score, the more optimized the yield.

Set up and usage

Is the soil moisture meter easy to set up and use?

On power-up, the control unit connects automatically and begins transmitting soil moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity data to the servers, where it is analyzed by the software and formatted into easy to read charts, graphs and tables that are pushed to your computer or mobile device.

Crop monitoring

How does the system help to monitor plant health and growth?

Shamba Cube gets to the root of plant health – layer by layer. The soil moisture sensor is effective in managing optimal root growth as it can differentiate water uptake at evenly spaced intervals down through the effective root zone for the plant. Hence encouraging optimal growth without wasting water.

Reding Accuracy

Are the moisture readings accurate?

This moisture measurement is relative moisture and not the absolute moisture available to the plant. Only through advanced algorithms in the system can the system calculate how much moisture is truly available to the plant. Shamba Cube’s intelligent algorithm is capable of differentiating moisture and EC, providing sophisticated backend algorithms to determine the absolute moisture.

Plant activity tracking

Can the system monitor the effects of fertigation on the roots and track build-up of salts?

The electrical conductivity measurement (EC) can indirectly be used for determining plant health. EC is a proxy for how much salt is present in the soil. Some salts contained in fertilizer can be beneficial, whereas others such as high mineral content irrigation water can be harmful. By carefully monitoring conductivity changes between multiple layers of the soil, the grower can observe application of fertilizer, match fertilizer to the active root zone, and see if there is leaching of fertilizer or unwanted mineral buildup.

Cost Implications

Will it save me money and if so is the implementation riddled with expenses?

Shamba Cube’s intelligent moisture monitoring solution will save you money and increase your farm profitability. It will save you money by conserving water, more effectively utilizing fertilizer inputs, and save fuel and energy costs through reduced trips to the field and fewer pivot turns. University Studies have shown that using technology to more efficiently plan the amount and timing of water and nutrient applications will increase farm profitability.  Contact us to find more about the set up of this solution.

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