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Gas, Water and Electricity

new Connections

We’ll get your property up and running with meters, electricity, gas and more. If you want meters for commercial premises, Please select the tabs below for guidance if you’re a Builder or Developer or information for Homeowners.


New properties and businesses

We know it’s complex to get utilities arranged for a new build home, so we provide a bespoke service for residential property developers and private home builders, and other property owners across all industries.

  • For private homebuilders and property developers who build less than 100 homes per year, we have a dedicated team of experts who will take care of you throughout the process whenever you need them. You can get in touch with them on +254785125128

  • For large developers, we’ll arrange a personal key account manager to co-ordinate your utility connections across your developments. We recommend you speak to them directly to arrange supply and metering installations.

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Your utilities accounts

We’ll set up your utility accounts for the properties when the meters are installed, in the builder or developer’s name. You’ll be billed as normal while the property is under development and we’ll send paper bills to your nominated correspondence address. Payment instructions will be on your bill. To avoid estimated bills, it’s important that you submit meter readings. You don’t need to login to submit readings online. Just have your account number and meter readings at the ready. You can also call us with your reading and submit it using our easy automated service. For large developers we have a consolidated billing process that we can offer to make it easier to manage your administration. Just contact your Key Account Manager to find out more.It’s really important that you keep us updated on the property details and notify us when the home is sold , so that you only get billed for the period you’re responsible for the property. This ensures the new homeowner will enjoy a smooth moving in experience.


Meter installation Only

If you need a meter for a new property as you’ve already arranged your new utilities supply, call us on +254782125128

You’ll need following information to hand

  • Your address and postcode
  • Your connection Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN)
  • Your utilities Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) from your local network
Do you have

your meter point numbers?

Meter installation appointments can’t be booked without the MPRN and MPAN details for the property. Contact your local distribution network operator (DNO) if you don’t have your meter point number.

Smart Meters

in new properties or businesses

We’ve already installed smart meters in 25 homes and businesses, and now we’re helping developers get them into new builds too. Where eligible, we’ll fit your properties with the latest smart-meter technology.

Talk to us and

Manage your appointments

Because we offer a bespoke service for new metering connections, if you need to change, amend or manage your meter installation appointment please call the dedicated team on +254785125128


Project Handover

Once the project is completed, we have a dedicated team to help you complete custom on boarding of your user accounts on your main account.

After you’ve notified us

Once we’ve received your notification of successful account creation, we’ll start the Branding process. You’ll receive your final bill within 14 days of us processing the custom business branding.

Communicate With Us

Leverage our experience and expertise to find the best solution to your water challenge. Our sales managers are always available share our solutions and expertise.

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