Bulk Digital Ultrasonic Water Meter

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Warranty: 1 year
Customized support: OEM, ODM
Model Number: LXC-DN50~DN300
Type: Ultrasonic meters
Product name: ultrasonic water meter
Material: ductile iron\cast iron
Maximum temperature: T50
Color: Blue
Communication Interface: M-bus
Protocol: CJ188/modbus
Battery Life: 8 years
Range ratio: R250\R400
Pressure: 1.6MPa
Protection class: IP68
Certification: ISO4064,ISO9001,OIML,IP68
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery: Wooden and carton packaging

KSh 134,522.00



System functionality structure works as follows
· Server send commands to the data concentrator through network;
· Concentrator transforms the received commands into radio signal and send the signal to the water meters;
· Water meters respond and execute the commands accordingly;
· Water meters deliver the result or data back to the management centre as per the original route after the actions finished.

· Quality Gurantee: Water meter for 1 year;
· Support install guide & test in site;
· Date sheet can be sent to other management system easily.

The loss caused by the leakage of water supply pipe net is very alarming, especially when the pipelineburst suddenly. Take a DN300 pipe as an example. After the pipe burst, the loss in one hour is as highas 1250 cubic meters of water. lf it can’t be repaired in time, the burst water will wash the ground andcause the road collapse,which will cause casualties and property losses.
Our pipe network monitoring system can quickly locate the pipeline to be repaired and send out the alarmmessage after the pipe burst. Our users can organize the emergency repair at the first time to recover theloss and eliminate the hidden danger.
This system uses a high range ratio ultrasonic water meter (r400), which can accurately measure the waterflow through the main pipeline, and provide the calculation basis for billing and pipeline leakage.
S8 Ultrasonic water meter’s intelligent measuring instrument is consist by the temperature sensor , flow sensors and calculators.Could provide important application and data for many applications in the pipeline.


Material: cast iron, ductile iron
Applicable scene: home main pipe, apartment main pipe, domestic residential water supply main, leak, treatment plant, agriculture, irrigation, ground, aquaculture, commercial, general household, industrial, potable
Technical data conform to international standard ISO 4064.
Communication: rs485 modbus, GPRS
Fitting: Pressure sensor, battery, lcd display, reading device, data logger, Flange set, liquid turbine, user interface unit
Features long service time and high accuracy
Double-flange dry-type digital water meter, used in industrial pipelines, suitable for high pressure environment, can choose whether to install pulse output
With remote transmission system software to support reading and monitoring
Provide a complete software metering and charging solution
Automatic leak measurement

Working principle

The meter comprises the quality temperature sensor ,the flow sensor and the calculator. The temperature sensor to measure the temperature of water and the flow sensor to measure the volume of water that flow through the pipelines by the transit time difference.
The two data is sent to the calculator after being collected, the consumption water quantity is worked out, stored and indicated on the LCD finally.The main pipe in the water supply pipe, the pipe size is more than DN50.

Work process
1.The ultrasonic water meter collects the flow in the pipeline, and the pressure data is uploaded to thecloud service platform through RTU.
2.Sudden change alarm of pressure and flow.

Software advantages
1.High range ratio ultrasonic water meter, accurate measurement.
2.Fast feedback and accurate positioning of emergency information.

Additional information

Weight 1.64 kg
Dimensions 23.1 × 7.44 × 17.58 cm

Black, Blue, Bronze


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