Smart Water Meter IoT Solution

For Water Distributors and Residential Apartments, This solution can be implemented for one time cost or on subscription

Smart Turnkey IoT Metering Solutions Enabling businesses to transform digitally and intelligently

Mobile application

You will get Mobile Apps for both, vendors, Distributors & End-users

Remote Valve Control

The users can remotely control the water flow using the web/mobile app with just a click.

Automatic Monthly Bills

Bills are automatically generated on a monthly basis and users can pay on the app itself.

Leakage alerts

Both admins as well as users will get alerts of leakage and will have the capability to remotely close the valves.

Our IoT enabled automatic meter reading solution consists of IoT smart meters that send daily reading to a network of receivers, forming a two-way data sharing between meters and CRM/billing systems and eliminating the need for personal meter reading. With the meter data being available in real-time, more flexible billing cycles would be available to the consumers instead of following the standard utility read cycles. The traditional practices of custom design and programming of data gathering for decision support and automation cannot handle the scale, speed and variety of Web-scale information sources.

Get all data on your private server space

A one-time implementation cost will depend on the number of smart water meter implementation and the coverage area. The monthly recurring cost of Kes 859 includes data ingestion, analysis, and display that data on user dashboards. Not a single penny will be charged other than Kes 859 per smart water meter.

Shared Cloud

Ks 50
Per month

For unlimited connections and data storage for custom needs, Phone & email support is available. Contact response time 24 hours.

Readings included

100,000 readings per month with data storage of 5000 KB per day

Max Number of devices

Unlimited with service level agreement included

private Cloud

Ks 50
Per month

For unlimited connections and data storage for custom needs, Phone & email support is available. Contact response time 24 hours.

monthly reporting

300,000 readings per month with data storage of 1.5Mb per day

Max Number of devices

Unlimited with service level agreement included

Benefits of Opting for Smart Water Metering Solution

Challenges with the Existing Water Management System

Unchanged routines that cost Money

Manual Consumption Data Management

Mechanical meters contribute majorly to poor data management due inaccurate readings as a result leading to loss of revenue

Incompetent Demand-Supply Management

Inconsistent suppliers due to incompetent supply capability lead to high cost of project implementation and hence delays.

Human Capital Requirement for Manual Readings

Poor Human performance on meter data collection is one of the major sources of fraud and inaccurate billing reports.


IP68 smart water meters are factory calibrated to offer high-accuracy and resolution ultrasonic water flow measurements and pressure.


Remote smart metering solutions with advanced consumption monitoring and usage for end users as well as intelligent data analytics.

Product features

Get the hardware as well as the software bundled with the solution.

Our State-of-the-art high-performance remote smart metering solutions are driven by powerful advanced and intelligent data processing engines that learns and helps simplify operations.


Wide Area Coverage

The range of one gateway is up to 9.6 Km in urban areas and 16 Km  in open country areas.


User-friendly Dashboard

The dashboard is easy to use and users can access information on both web and mobile apps


High Scalability

A single gateway can handle more than 20,00,000 smart meters, allowing scaling.

Most Comprehensive and complete IoT solutions for end-to-end management of device, application, connectivity support & security.
End-to-End IoT Solution
Leverage maximum flexibility , scalability and security with our modular architecture, repeatable processes, and skilled resources.
Modular, flexible, scalable & standardized
Provide gateways, network, comprehensive software and support services for an end-to-end IoT solution.
Pre-configured vertical business domain solution
Enjoy a complete smart water metering solution. The cost of the solution is inclusive of software, smartphone app, billing services, water meter, smart valves, and installation.
All-Inclusive Cost
Identify water consumption patterns, compare historical consumption, and predict future water demands and optimize the demand-supply of water.
Advanced Data Analytics
Built-in domain specific learning and automated data pattern recognition systems that are tailored to meet individual business needs.
Learning and automated data pattern recognition
Support for your meters and reading systems

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