Water leakage detection Solution

When the water is slipping down the floor and left unidentified, it can lead to mishaps like accidental slips or even affect the building’s infrastructure. To avoid such situations and water damage, it is necessary that you decide to integrate a smart solution.

Integrate our solution to enhance the safety of your space or facility, to reduce cost of operation because of water leakages.

End to end services

Fully-fledged solution to fulfill all the necessary business requirements.

Real-time alerts

Get real-time alerts through SMS, push notifications, or emails.

Advanced Analytics

Equipped with advanced algorithms to provide actionable insights.

Custom dashboard

Modular and flexible solution with white-labeling and personalization features.

Our water leak detection system provides you with instant services and prevents any water damage to the properties or assets. It uses high-tech digital sensor devices with the IP rating of IP67 and industry standard LoRaWAN-based gateways to allow real-time monitoring of the facility against the water leakages. These devices potential enough with waterproof and dustproof features, enabling uncompromised performance in every weather.

Identify leaks and avoid damage

powerful, and potentially money-saving water leak detection system

Our solution helps detect pooling/dripping water and is best placed directly beneath equipment or in low-lying areas. For example, the most common reason for flooding server rooms is from leaking CRAC units. The best way to manage this is by deploying a spot water sensor underneath the drip pan of the CRAC unit.

Water leakage detection system advantages and features:

Our solution offers a very powerful, and potentially money-saving water leak detection system offering: leak detection cable sensors; water leak spot sensors; monitoring systems with built-in notifications (SNMP, E-mail, SMS, Syslog) for notifying the personnel; 12V control of alarm beacons and strobe lights; relay and dry contact outputs for control of devices.

Precison tools

The choice between "WDC / Water leak detection rope", "WLC / Water leak cable" and "VT590 / spot sensor"

Liquid Sensitivity

Detectable liquids include clean, polluted and distilled water; acids; alkalis; alcohols and other electrically conductive liquids

Sensor resilience

Damage to the sensor does not cripple the entire monitoring system.

Rhobust Interface

A robust web interface that gives the ability to independently track many leaks at once, with local, networked or remote alarms and diagnostics.

Variable hardware functionality

Different length of leak detection ropes/cables is available and may be deployed on one floor or many levels of the building while being centrally monitored from the most effective locations.

Compartible sensor integration

Possibility to extend the WLC leakage cables by connecting them to each other.

Seemless system integration

Support of SNMP for integration to building management systems, E-mails, SMS and Syslogs.

Custom configuration

Configuration options that automatically shut off equipment or pumps/valves where appropriate (e.g. using dry contact outputs or relays).

Advanced sensor optimization

Ability to monitor up to 72 leak sensors independently of each other.

Usage scenario

Multiple spot liquid leakage detection

This solution uses water detection rope/cable can cover large areas and multiple spots for up to 225 meters. if there’s an emergence of lipid anywhere along the rope, the system may send an early warning to the appropriate personnel.

Applications on site

Typical uses include:

  • Below raised floors
  • Along plumbing walls and under windows
  • At drip trays and in overhead piping
  • Under pipelines, sump pumps
  • Under and around boilers, chillers, freezers and etc.
  • Around potentially leaking equipment


Leakage detection under raised floors

Raised floors, used sometimes in offices, server rooms, data centers are also particularly vulnerable. Monitoring the status of concealed cables and wires beneath floor panels may be difficult. Cables may be soaking in water for a long period before anyone notices.

Support for your meters and reading systems

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