Experience reliability with cutting edge technology.

Manage your meters remotely

Get cutting edge utility management software systems and IoT solutions to build and uncover new potential revenue streams in your business.

Meter Network

Choose the best smart meter solution for your business and environment & we will install

User Management

Use our management software to measure the usage habits, arrears, tarrif changes and billing revenues


We maintain replace, repair, issue call outs, do reports, inspections and provide end-user support.

24/7 Tech Support

Experience reliability at zero stress from our dedicated and professional technical support personnel

———Services we offer———

Meter Installation

Prepaid & Postpaid

 Including water meters, gas meters, electricity meters and smart prepaid meters. Meters range from both STS and AMI. You can search our online store or get first tier help from our sales team.

Billing management

Token vending system

Extensive management for landlords, medium and large prepaid environments. We ensure that consumers can purchase prepaid recharge tokens virtually anywhere – all day, every day!

Borehole drilling

water Engineering

With our expert engineering team and cutting edge equipment, any formation for example alluvium (sand, round stones and gravel) can be drilled with ease while conserving the environment.

Farm Automation

3D autonomous irrigation

Our irrigation system is designed and automated to irrigate the precise amount of water needed by plants for the right duration of time, determined by sensors placed in soil.

Aerial Spraying

Drone aerial spraying

Our drones increases and improves the efficiency of spraying more per land area on a shorter duration than a knapsack sprayer, with the added benefit of water savings and precise chemical application.

Equipment sourcing

manufucture & Supply

We have developed a comprehensive water meter range and a complete solution for the Commercial ,agriculture, Industrial and Domestic market on Mechanical type water meter and smart water meters.

How our Solutions

Can benefit you

we tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements
varying for each unique need and environment

  • Freedom to manage properties that are geographically dispersed in various distant locations
  • Control and security over the receipt of prepayment funds
  • Real-time data to see what is transactions and purchasing patterns from remote
  • Ability to manage meters from remote or overseas
  • Activation of meters as phases of development are complete or residents move in
  • Assistance in adding users to the system and profile management
  • Assisting with tariff structures for the development and any update in progress
  • Support in transferring management to elected Body Corporate
  • Audit functionality on usage and dispensing functionality
  • Centralized management of housing utilities locally or nationally
  • Role based system for delegation of various functionality and tasks with management oversight
  • Regulatory & process compliance
  • Quick and timely payment reports of prepaid funds before you get your bills
  • Automated prepaid statements to make your monthly bulk reconciliation quick and easy
  • Detailed transaction reports to track and monitor usage where necessary
  • Transparency with real-time data for you to be up to date on purchases, arrears collections, clearance certificates at any given time
  • Controlling and budgeting housing utilities through recovery plans on the system
  • User control over spending and budgeting on utilities with user logins
  • Configuration for payroll packages for utility provisions that are deducted directly from payroll
  • Various reporting and exporting files functionality for accounting and payroll software integration

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Automatically process utility bills via our wireless network of water, gas and electrical meters, via our web based and mobile billing management software.

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