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Discover our cutting-edge smart metering services. Our system automatically gathers consumer usage details from various devices, presenting it on your computer, phone, or tablet. This user-friendly solution seamlessly integrates with billing systems, ensuring accurate and effortless management of your water and energy consumption.

Drive Smart Utility Excellence

What are our systems designed for?

Our systems are meticulously designed to revolutionize the way you manage water and energy consumption. From capturing and analyzing usage data to seamlessly integrating with billing systems, our smart metering solutions empower efficient control over your utility consumption. Experience precision, convenience, and cost savings with our cutting-edge technology.

Water consumers

Monitor the amount of water consumed remotely and control wastage

Energy traders

Manage access to data on specific contract duration with your customer

Power engineers

Monitor maximum energy consumption on a hourly or day to day basis


Read data from meters then transfer to billing systems & third-party applications

End to end solutions

Smart efficiency solutions

Data management platform

Online tool for data analytics, site management with water pressure management

Smart water meters

Varieties of wireless remote valve control water meters and flow sensors are available

Water Quality Interface

Measures multiple water quality parameters, records and transmits over cellular networks

Water AMR/AMI data logger

Accurately monitors usage on a daily basis via regular consumption data and daily meter readings

Smart irrigation controller

Smart Watering irrigation controller and fertilization system powered by solar electronics

Pressure Transducer Interface

Intrinsically safe solution for monitoring waste and non-potable water level.

Precision through Adaptive Fluency

Support & training

We provide direct support and training to customers on installation, commissioning and maintenance to ensure the products achieve optimum performance.

Reach your suitability goals

Start saving money

Let us give you a detailed report on how your property, building or site can be more efficient and save water and energy.

Our Clients

Client-Centric Innovation in Water Efficiency

Explore insights, resources, and expert guidance for seamless integration and optimal use. Join us in building a sustainable water future, one informed user at a time.”

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